"About Kelly:

Imagine your father stricken with cancer telling you that he is disappointed in your ______. That was my experience and the moment struck me so hard emotionally that all I could do was cry. My big sister, who was in the room, heard something different though, she got that he was speaking from a morphine state of mind and said, “What if his filter is off? What if he doesn’t really mean it? Besides, just because he said it doesn’t make it real!” That’s when I truly knew Kelly was on my side. She was there for me in an instant! If you consider listening an important skill, Kelly has the capacity to hear the underlying context of conversations beyond spoken words. She is adept at pinpointing details that reveal your personal situation, which may be hidden in your unconscious.

Many of us have sisters but how many of us call them our best friends? I look forward to our one-on-one sharing because I know that when I explain my concerns to Kelly her feedback will be honest, straightforward and perceptive. She is quick to praise my good qualities and never bludgeons my shortcomings. Even when she tells me something that is hard to hear I know it comes with an empathetic ear and an invitation to change. I value her insight and willingness to say and do the right thing, and I love her capacity to dream! Nowadays after leaving her home I am aware that it’s after a lot of laughter has been shared and a feeling of having been showered with fairy dust.

When it comes to integrity, Kelly lives her philosophy by demanding the best in nutrition for herself and her family. Through her personal journey she has become a remarkable, knowledgeable and joyous person. You won’t find a better health coach!"

Jo Valandry


"Kelly's enthusiasm about food and eating right is inspiring! It has made me examine my food choices in the past and change them for the better! I would describe Kelly Valandry as inspiring! Her positive energy and love of health coaching and knowledge is evident - she practices what she preaches. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to learn about living and eating a healthy lifestyle. She has great suggestions for achieving your goals and will do all she can to fulfill that. Thanks, Kelly!"

Stacy Guerrero